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CSIRO Shipping meeting week 5
September 1, 2008, 2:47 am
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Quick summary of the meeting with Dr Shipping in week 5.

  • Shipping was quiet happy with my implementation of of the framework onto the yahoo search web service.
  • He suggested an additional option of having the details of the test displayed, optional to the user, this is evidently a sensible idea in a real life testing scenario where there would be hundreds of threads running.
  • He was also very pleased with the random line class i wrote, as it would provide a very useful tool for simulating future test case scenarios, however I feel there still many improvements that can be made onto the class.
  • Shipping suggested I look into implementing the testing framework into simulating web browser interaction with web servers/sites. This is to help demonstrate the flexibility and power of his framework. Hence my next class would be to simutanteously test over 100 websites running 10 threads on each.
  • While incorporating the print result log class written by Lenny, however he said he is in the midst of upgrading the print result log function to printing to xml instead of just plain text.
  • Furthermore we will be getting a .NEt C# version of the framework and Lenny and me will be assigned to converting all the original java work into .NET to prove that the framework is is flexible and not just multi platform but also multi-language.

Will finish the rest of the summary in the next post.


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