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Week 8 Update
September 24, 2008, 6:39 am
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Due to illness I wasn’t able to attend the week 8 meeting at 3pm. However Naimul and Lenny was able to go and fill me in on what was required.

We also had a meeting with Shiping last week just before his overseas trip. He was happy with the development stage and instructed us wee can start the documentation part now.

We have split the work up into 3 distinct sections with little overlapping yet great degree harmony.

Me –

Java implementation and development side – Primarly the web service test and web server stress tests, may have time for an additional one.

Development wise I have made a data generator which can be used for all future tests and will be rewriting the ant build script for the final package.

Lenny –

Developing the .NET C# implementation and development. He has shown me his print result log development and is currently working on an ATM implementation.

Naimul –

Is developing additional features and function of the framework mainly the

get error rate , set error rate

get confidence level, set confidence level

This will provide a far more powerful degree of statistical analysis of the final results and the framework’s capabilities.

Since my development stages is the most complete, I will be starting to write the user and technical manuals and the general layout.


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